About Epic CNC USA in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

My name is Shawn Rife and I am Prez. of Epic CNC USA in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA!

Keeping it simple. We focus on client success and therefore we are successful.

From napkin sketches to reverse engineering products we keep your brand unique. Any part of the development to production process we can explain so you feel empowered and confident.To date our services has helped our clients receive 22 patents that are 100% client owned.

Our capabilities include 17 3D printers, 5 CNC machines, precision welding, injection molding, Laser cutting, and more to offer rapid and exceptional electro-mechanical support. Our clients save a TON of time and money especially on tooling costs.

Overhead is low to keep us globally competitive. Our clients worldwide: Mostly USA with China, Germany, France, and South America.

We are ready to lend our 19+ year cross industry experience to you. Our specialties include  ruggedized military to medical, renewables, industrial, and consumer.

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