Custom 3D Printing, CNC Machining & Fabrication

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Did you know?

Epic CNC USA is a backup bulk producer for nearly a dozen other 3D printing farms in the nation. What this means is when other 3D printing farms run out of capacity or have an urgent job they can not handle we take over for them. People count on our reliability and expertise.



Why? This is what our clients tell us:



“A few times a year we contract Epic CNC USA when we get large orders or when one of our printers stops working. We have 2 3D printers and our client needed 200 units for a demo… Ahh… that would take us about 3 weeks to produce and our client would lose their deadline. Not good.Epic CNC however produced all 200 parts in 1 week and even drop shipped with our labeling direct to our client! Epic CNC took photo proofs so we knew exactly what was going out. This saved us and the client even more time and money. Simply amazing and everyone was happy. We love having these guys. Keep up the great work Epic CNC!”



“It’s a mystery to me how they do it. My 3D prints always warp or stop mid job. I’m in college getting my degree in engineering and for extra cash I do design and “try” to do 3D printing. Since I like to make things that have a function and purpose it’s just not so easy to design and hit print. Epic CNC makes it easy for me though. I need to make 20 or so parts often and I love that each time I need a batch they are the same quality every time. I couldn’t learn and grow without the help they offer me. I offer a big THANK YOU!