BOOST CONVERTER 12V - 80V 10A 600W DC step up converter

600W High Power DC-DC Boost module is a new boost converter with wide voltage input, adjustable output voltage and current. Ideal for fine tuning or boosting power with high efficiency is required. 

ASSEMBLIED by Epic CNC USA. These are popular models with increased robust features such as wider current traces flooded with solder and larger then typical capacitors. Other enhancements make our Boost Converters superior and more resistant to noise with cleaner and higher output without sacrificing efficiency. 

A cooling fan is recommended when used frequently above 300 watts and when in installed in areas without air flow. Excess heat will reduce efficiency, so be aware to keep it cool.  

It use integrated design of custom radiator and clamp.


1.High booster output power quality 

2.Adjustable output voltage and current 

3.Strong capability of through the current 

4.Long time stable work



 Input voltage  12V--60V
 Input current  15A(MAX)
 Output voltage  12V--80V continuously adjustable
 Output current  10A(MAX)
 Output power  600(MAX)
 Output ripple  <500mV
 Voltage and current regulation model  Potentiometer
 Short circuit protection  15 Fuse
 Cooling  Radiator, natural air cooling
 Connection  Terminal 8500
 Product size  85mm*62mm*63mm
Weight  230g


1.DIY adjustable output vehicle power supply

2.Universal car laptop power supply

3.Boost battery charger

4.Power supply for electronic devices

5.Preceding stage system power supply

User Manual:

Properly connected input and output, note the positive and negative can not be reversed, ensure that the input voltage and current in the range of product requirements.

When used, according to the actual needs to adjust the output voltage value, I-ADJ is to adjust the input current, V-ADJ is to regulate the output voltage.