Programmable dc converter 0-60V 0-20A 1200W


Programmable dc converter 0-60V 0-20A 1200W Switch power supply

ASSEMBLIED by Epic CNC USA. These are popular models with increased robust features such as wider current traces flooded with solder and larger then typical capacitors. Other enhancements make our Boost Converters superior and more resistant to noise with cleaner and higher output without sacrificing efficiency. 

NOTE: A cooling fan is required. NOT Included.  Excess heat will reduce efficiency, so be aware to keep it cool.  

This is a single output,high-powered and programmable switching power supply. It is 60V,20A,1200W,This model has a very small size and ultra-thin body. Besides, it is equipped with TTL serial interface. It can provide you with multiple proposal to meet your test demands. The main special function and advantages are as follows:

1. based on the BUCK framework of switch power supply technology, work frequency 150KHz

2. DC input range: DC13V to DC90V suitable for a variety of previous input power

3. digital key operation and multi-function encoder switch operation

4. high resolution and accuracy

5. low noise and ripple,to be on a par with liner power supply

6. high resolution:10mV/10mA

7. intelligent air cooling control

8. support parallel connection and series connection

9. Voltage and current adjustment: coarse control and fine control

10. support measurement shows that the output voltage, current, power, AH, time

11. minimum differential pressure 2 v can still work stability

12. power board control board fission design

13. output shutoff button key flexible open or closed output

14. M0 to M9 common 10 group parameter set


Support DC input range:DC 13V to DC 90V.


Power board:85mmWx175mmHx130mmD Control board:85mmWx43mmHx130mmD


Main Specification



Rated value

( 0C-40C )







DC voltage value input


Voltage setting resolution


Current setting resolution


Power effect

CV < 0.5%+10mV CC < 1%+5mA

Load effect

CV < 0.5%+10mV CC < 1%+5mA

Output ripple

< 50mVpp

100Hz wave transmission ratio

< 1/10000

Typical efficiency

Vi= 54V,Vo= 26V,Cur.= 20A, efficiency=88%

Setting accuracy


Voltage readback accuracy


Current readback accuracy


State storage capacity

M0-M9 common 10 group

Cooling style


Operation temperature


Storage temperature


Environmental conditions

Designed for indoor use and operated at maximum relative humidity of 95%



1. Power board 1PCS

2. Main control board 1PCS

3. 6P wire (20cm) 1PCS

4. Power line (20cm) 2PCS

5. User Manual 1PCS